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Civilization: Building Your Own Empire

Civilization: Building Your Own Empire

Civilization is a game that teaches you responsibilities, self-control, and it’s fun. It’s an extremely exciting game and you learn to build your own empire in 4000 BCE. It’s like having a child that you want to grow into a healthy individual. It also teaches you to pay attention to the things you do and know that you cannot leave some things undone. It’s a step by step process that you have to take to achieve all of your goals, which is appealing to me because you cannot give up on things until you have approached all of the steps (including anything you do in life), you cannot bypass stuff to get what you want, you have to go through all of the steps.

In the game of civilization that I played unfortunately did not last very long. I learned that when it says, “Would you like to see your head on the end of a pole?” not to click yes, because it means that you are about to go to war with very experienced soldiers.  You cannot say yes to something like that when you are just starting a game without any previous experience. Since I went to war without any experience I lost and the game ended after about three minutes, but it taught me that you cannot be enemies with everyone you come across, I’m not just talking about with the game, even in real life. I say in real life because you never know you who can beat you at whatever it is that you may be good at.

You don’t realize how much you can get wrapped up into the game until you start playing. You just pretty much forget about time and all of the things that are going on around you. I thought it was so interesting because you are pretty much building your own empire which is exciting because it’s pretty impossible for everything to be how you would like for it to be in this life time. I learned that you cannot become enemies and start war with more experienced warriors. You have to train warriors, scouts, and hunters to do various activities to have a successful empire. In this game of Civilization you have to learn by doing, meaning going step-by-step to build the empire into what you would like for it to be. You have to beware of your surroundings and build according to how you would like for your empire to be ran, kind of like the world is today.  I really didn’t focus on doing much because I was so fascinated at the fact that I was fighting with other warriors, and at that time I had no clue that since I didn’t have much of an empire that I would lose. During the game a message kept popping up asking if, “I would like to end the war,” but of course I declined. I really wanted to see how far I would actually get if I kept fighting at the war. I quickly learned that if you’re just nice to the other empire’s that are on the game it can get you very far.

I really enjoyed the game, the little time that I got to play, because for some odd reason you just get lost in the game. It just makes you completely forget about everything that’s going on around you. At first I was kind of skeptical about playing the game, thinking it was going to be some old boring game that I have to play to get a grade, but as I got into it, it got really interesting and it’s also very motivating in some cases. The game is also very difficult, but most things you do in life are, but you have to stop, and read, most times reading directions can get you very far, or asking for help can also be a very good option. This game of Civilization is a game that I’m really interested in playing more of and learning more about. If I had the chance to play the game over again I definitely would and I would also go about playing the game a different way. I would actually follow directions instead of just jumping into the game thinking that I would actually survive. Even though the game was designed for us to play and build an empire in 4000 BCE it’s also a life learning experience for the future. It teaches you that you have to work to get to where you would like to be. I would recommend this game to anyone because it’s fun and it’s a wonderful learning experience at the same time.


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