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When I think of colonization I think of a place where more than one variety of people populates in one place in search of something new but now that I’m learning more and more about colonization its making me realize that there wasn’t much difference in the 1500’s then there is today. In the 1500’s settlers were looking to find new places to settle and call places their home not really knowing what they were getting themselves into it was just them trying to find something better to better themselves. It wasn’t easy but they wanted more so they were more determined than ever to discover what I would consider a “New World” for them.

Today’s colonization isn’t really any different from colonization back in the 1500’s because just as today settlers were willing to fight for what they wanted. I really feel like settlers were not willing to accept what they had and were being greedy to get something better. Today America is the same way, we as people will not settle for what we have and we are always trying to outdo other’s to make ourselves look better. The settlers did any and everything possible to survive where they landed, that meant fighting, killing, and trade.

I respect our America today for fighting for what we believe in I just believe that there are so many other ways you can go about getting the things that you want. Fighting does not always solve problems it can sometimes just make you seem greedy but we as people who live in America know that’s it has always been this way and I feel as if it’s never going to change. One person can change it, we all have to do it together.


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