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Personal Artifact Essay

Personal Artifact Essay

“Being an archeologist can be a tuff job sometimes, but it’s mighty exciting”. By the way my name is Lorin Brown; I am a 22nd century archeologist who travels the world to study ancient history. My recent job has been to study the remains left in the old city in Florida by the name of Vero Beach, which was destroyed by a category five hurricane in 2009, and unfortunately the city was never able to build itself back up. I was excited to go to Florida since I had read so much about the “Sunshine” state, but my mind quickly changed once I got to what use to be known as Vero Beach, so I decided to waste no time and get straight to work. My colleagues and I begin our search for “artifacts”. As I was walking past an old beat up car (I believe that what it was), I stumble across a black square shaped object. I picked it up to examine it and from what I could make out, it had the word “Blackberry” written on it. It seems to be very interesting, so I took it upon myself to find out more about this Blackberry. My goal now was to spend the rest of my week that I’m in Florida to find out more about this “blackberry” so that I can share with the rest of the world its purpose and value in the year of 2009.

This new artifact that I have just found is very interesting to me. I have read about lots of stuff but never have I heard of a blackberry. I took it to be some kind of gadget but was very unaware of what it was used for. It had a dark blank screen without any buttons, except for the three that are on the side. On the back of the blackberry there is a camera; I could definitely make out what that was because it said 3.2 MP Autofocus. Also on the bottom of the back it had a check with the name Verizon, I had no clue what that meant either. I came to a conclusion that this is going to take lots of investigating. I opened the back of the blackberry to find a battery, a Sims, and a memory card. Since it had a battery I knew that I would have to find a charger to charge this blackberry to see what’s on this blackberry and what its purpose was for.  

I made a few phone calls on my Pintro (cell phone) to the big artifact warehouse to get the all around charger. An all around charger is a charger that’s used for all of the artifacts that we find that needs to be charged. I got the charger the next day at the Hut (hotel), put the blackberry on the charger and let it charge. While the blackberry was charging I logged into my Pintro2 (computer) and began my research. I typed in blackberry on froogle, and I got all kinds of blackberry’s. I did figure out that it was a cellular device. I put two and two together and figured out that it was much like the Pintro. Except it was mighty large for a cell phone, the cell phones today you just stick in your ear and start talking. As I was going through froogle images for the blackberry I came across a picture of what happen to look like the same blackberry that I had found. Its name was the Blackberry STORM, in 2009 it was the first touch screen blackberry and that explains why it doesn’t have any buttons. I also found out the word Verizon that engraved on the back was the carrier. The carrier was cell phone company which only carried the blackberry storm. I also found out that there were many cell phone carriers. There was also Sprint, AT&T, Alltel, T-mobile, and Metro PCS, and they all carried different cellular devices. The cellular devices from 2009 were also very cheap; the value price of the Blackberry STORM was only $200.

After letting the blackberry charge for about an hour or so while doing research on it, I decided to turn it on. I had a very hard time doing that, but I finally figured out that you had to hold the button with the red phone on it down until the word Verizon came up on the screen. It was pretty neat because the Pintro’s don’t do that. It took about five minutes for the blackberry to actually boot up. There were many applications on the blackberry, even the internet. There were pictures, numbers (which I took to be phone numbers because it said contacts), ringtones (weird music), SMS and MMS (which I found out was text and picture messaging, some I had never heard of it my life), emails, and games.

From the pictures on the phone, I concluded that it once belonged to a black female. I also felt it belonged to a female because of the music, it was very soft, slow music. I couldn’t look at her and tell what her religion was because as it is today there are many different religions, and if 2009 was anything like 2209 you had a choice as to what religion you wanted to be. Since the blackberry was a cellular device I know it was used for communication, as the Pintro is today.  I can also conclude that it was a very high tech phone, so I’m sure it was something that high class people use for an easy way of communication. I take it that the Blackberry was very big back in 2009, and it was a very up to date gadget.


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