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Reflective Essay

Lorin Brown

      HIS 201


December 4, 2009

Reflective Essay

This semester in WISE HIS 201- USA, Africa and the World, I have learned so much. I learned about Ancient Greeks, China, Ancient Egypt, etc. In this class we had to do blogs on WEBCT which I found to be very interesting because it was something new to me. I had heard talk of blogs, but never really got the full understanding of what it really was. We also had two big papers to write, which was the “Personal Artifact” essay, and the Cultural Analysis paper. I really enjoyed writing the Personal Artifact essay.

In WISE HIS 201 we were required to write blogs on WEBCT. At first I was thinking, “I’m not really sure if I could do this.” Once I got the full understanding of what writing a blog was all about it made writing them so much easier. Also on WEBCT I was able to see the blogs of other students, which also made it easier. I really enjoyed writing the blogs because it’s your personal opinion about whatever the blog happens to be about and it also gives you a better understanding of what you learned in class. Looking at other students blogs also helps you get a better understanding because my opinion and another student’s opinion may be completely different, which is good because I may learn to look at something in a completely different way just by reading someone else’s blog.

Writing the “Personal Artifact” essay was so much fun. I have never been excited to write a paper the way I was when I had to write the personal artifact essay. It was so interesting to write about how the past may affect the future and how things today will not be known in the future. When I started writing the paper I kept saying to myself, “Just think about how there are things in the past that I’ve never seen before, but have only read about them.” That made writing my paper so much easier, because everyone else can relate to not knowing about personal possessions that were used in the past. All we may know is what we’ve read about them or we just might know someone that’s older that had the chance to have an experience with whatever the possession might be.

Writing the Cultural Analysis paper was nothing compared to writing the “Personal Artifact” essay. It was no fun at all, it was actually one of the hardest paper’s I have ever had to write, but it was a good learning experience. For my Cultural Analysis paper I wrote about Ancient Greek and it definitely taught me a lot more about Greek than I already knew. I would have to say that that’s the only plus about writing a paper about culture…it teaches you more. Doing research on anything teaches you more, and honestly as much as I hated writing the Cultural Analysis paper I would not mind doing it again.  

I really enjoyed WISE HIS 201 this semester, I have definitely gained more knowledge on history then I ever have before. I would also say that a lot of had to do with Dr. Underwood’s teaching skills, she definitely give you a full understanding on everything that she teaches, and she’s always there if you need extra help. I truly respect her for that because not too many college professors will do that. I’m definitely looking forward to the second semester of history so that I can learn more. I have never been a big history person, and honestly I’m still not but I am learning to have more respect for it. If it wasn’t for history we wouldn’t be where we are today.


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