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Religion Blog: Laughism

Religion of laughism is a religion created in the third century that was required for people to laugh at least three times a day. There is not exact date that says when laughism came about but the religion is known as monotheistic. Laughism came about because during the time of the Madea incident so many terrible things we’re happening and so many people we’re down, so the God’s had to come up with a way to get people to be happy and stay happy regardless of whether they wanted to or not. When the God’s came out about what the new “required” religion was going to be everyone was happy because no one liked to be sad and everyone wanted to be joyful regardless of the things that were going on around them. The religion required people to laugh at least three times a day about anything. If you could not find something to laugh about you had to find a family member or a very close friend to help you laugh. That was also a requirement, since everyone was required to laugh, if your family or friends couldn’t make themselves laugh about something you had to engage in something that made them laugh. If you went a day without laughing at least three time you we’re punished for an entire month without seeing your close family members. That the punishment because the God’s felt like if you went a month without your family when you finally got the chance to see them it would make you happy and afterwards you would be happy enough to follow along with the religion. Laughism was basically a religion to teach people how to be happy and how to learn to teach others how to be happy regardless of what was going on in the era of time. The religion still lives on today and people rarely realize it but it does, it’s just not required but if it was a lot more people would be happy and a lot of the terrible things that happen today might not.


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