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Civil Rights and Apartheid

The Civil Rights Movements is one of the most popular movements known during the early 1950’s. It was a worldwide political movement for equality before the law. The movement was to outlaw the racial issues that were going on in America. African-Americans wanted all of the racial discrimination that was going on to stop. African-Americans already had a rough time and with the civil rights movement going on only seemed to make situations worse. You had groups such as NAACP form because of the civil rights movement which is still around today. People were killed and some people became famous because of what they went through. Not only were there adults who wanted this but you had African-American high school students who would protest and have marches for them to pass this law. Finally in 1964 there civil rights act was passed. The act banned discrimination.

Apartheid means apartness that came around in Africa during the early 1930’s I believe. Apartheid was later referred to as the “separation development” made possible by the Population Registration Act of 1950, which put all South Africans into three racial categories. Most of the black South Africans were put under for the white people to rule. The blacks lost their citizenship, but they were just segregated like anywhere else. In 1994 apartheid came to an end under the rule of Nelson Mandela.

Both the civil rights movement and apartheid tie in together. It was only about the African-American though; it was every race. You can easily see that they tie in together, because just as the people did during the civil rights movements, how they fought for what they wanted the people in South Africa did the same. People went to jail and it cause massive violence between the people. Even though the civil rights act has been passed and apartheid has been put to an end, the world still heavily deals with racial issues.


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