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Research Proposal


“The Culture of Ethiopia”

            Africa is known for the culture with much diversity. Many different cultures can be found within the country of Africa. Ethiopia is very well known around the world and I decided that I would love to learn more about it. When you think of Ethiopia (well Africa in general), you only seem to think about the bad things that you hear and see on TV, such as the starving children without parent’s trying to make it on their own, adults shooting and killing for food and a place to live, and people walking around without clothes on and no shoes to walk in. There are parts in Africa that are like that, but there also places here in America that are also like that as well. Africa has many beautiful cultures that people take pride in, unlike us. We tend to forget the things that have brought us to where we are today. Because Africa isn’t looked at “as the way of living life”, it gets overlooked. I did a little research and decided that I would base my paper on Ethiopia, because it’s what caught my eye.

Ethiopia has a beautiful culture filled with richness in art, language, religion, and ethnicity. Most people don’t know because it’s overlooked is that Ethiopia is just about the only country in Africa that has never been colonized and their people take pride in their struggle to keep their independence. Things that are important to the African culture are the languages, religion, festivals and events, food, music, and art.


Africaguide. The Africa Guide.

The Africa guide was great deal of help. It had lots information about Africa itself. It had information that was taken from other website and combined it altogether. Ethiopia didn’t really have as much information as the countries but there was a great deal of info. There was information about all of the topics in my paper but it was just more introducing them instead of getting into full detail.

Childs, Celin. The Beauty of Ethiopian Culture.


            This website in general had lots of information about the culture of Ethiopia. It seemed more like a research paper as well. It gave me a lot of general ideas. You could tell from reading the article that the writer was really trying to persuade the readers of the beauty of Ethiopia.

Gish, Steve, Thay, Winne, and Latif, Zawiah. Ethiopia. Benchmark Books, NY.: 2 edition, April

            15, 2007.

            In this book it speaks a lot on the language that is spoken in Ethiopia. It gave a better insight on how the language is used, who uses it, and how it’s taught in schools. It tells us about the many different languages that are spoken throughout Ethiopia and why so many people speak more than one language. One thing I learned is that English is taught in schools but most of the kids don’t speak English at home, they speak the original language of Amharic.

Jenkins, Orville. The Amhara People of Ethiopia.


            This website in particular spoke a lot on the history of the Amhara people of Ethiopia. It speaks on where the Amhara people live, the language they speak, their religion and how they survive as people. Though all the information given was about the Amhara people it was very detailed and it gave me a better insight of the Amhara people.


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