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Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay

            This semester in WISE history was very much like the first semester, except I enjoyed having classes on Tuesday and Thursday a lot better (smile). I would like to say that I really enjoyed being in the WISE program because the teachers are so willing to work with you. I feel like all of the staff members in WISE wants to see all of their students succeed. This semester wasn’t a very good semester for me. I had so much going on family wise and I was sick a lot which caused me to miss a lot class, but when you talk with your professors and let them in on what’s going on they are way more willing to work with you. I can say that my WISE professors were a lot more willing to work with me than my other professors.

            Being that the WISE classes tie together really helped me out a lot. I really enjoy the fact that what’s going on in your English class ties in with what’s going on in your history class. I just feel like it should always be that way.

            Dr. Underwood really made the material that was covered in her history class very easily understandable. I love the way she makes her slideshow’s and I like the fact that she actually goes over them.  Many professors will not do that. History has never been my subject, and honestly it still isn’t but Dr. Underwood actually makes it interesting and she makes you want to learn. She listens to what her students have to say and let us voice our own opinions and she also gives feedback. Dr. Underwood makes sure to let us know of the things that are going on around the world today and let us know the things we should focus most on and how important they are.

            Being in Dr. Underwood’s class I learned that history is very important and it does have an impact on us today. History is what got us to where we are today and we are also history in the making. It’s sad that it took me to take a history class in college to realize that.

            It really has been wonderful being in the WISE program and I think it should be considered at other schools. Sad to say, I’m not coming back after this semester is over but if I was I wouldn’t hesitate to jump into the WISE program for another great year.


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